Board Alignment on the Center for Cooperative Growth Website

Phil Kenkel

Bill Fitzwater Cooperative Chair

Oklahoma State University

If you haven’t already taken advantage of it, take a moment to check out the new educational website sponsored by CHS.  The Center for Cooperative Growth is a new initiative that shares diverse viewpoints from cooperative managers, board members and academia on important topics impacting the cooperative industry.  I recently contributed a white paper on “board alignment” in addition to the report, the web site has video interview with myself and three cooperative leaders.  Check out the information along with the previous information on equity management.

Alignment is a relatively recent, but very useful framework for promoting improved board performance. The concept of alignment encompasses basic competencies and best practices but also provides a framework for continuous improvement. Board alignment requires the board to be internally aligned.  It must also be aligned with the overall strategy of the cooperative.  The board must be aligned with the CEO.  Finally, and most importantly, the board must be aligned with the long term interest of the membership. While there are many commonalities among aligned boards, the process and outcomes of alignment are unique to culture, personalities and business environment of the cooperative.  There are best practices for board operation but the ultimate test is the long term success of the cooperative.

Check out the perspectives on board alignment and download my whitepaper at the Center for Cooperative Growth.